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A world of awe with the water element. The cleansing attributes come through in this painting to bring you into a blooming season of your dreams. The mixture of blues and browns inspire a soft truth from you.  It will bring a sense of peace and content to your aura and space. You may see different currents of energy in this painting, a contrast of light and a under current of deeper turquoise. Inspired by the rain symbol, it flows...the flowers flow. A soft transulencent relationship between the petals and the water. 

Serene Dream


Print | Framing can be included... choose from oak, black and white frame. let us know your preference :)

  • Walk This Earth With Us

    Apart of our first collection of prints, 'SERENE DREAM' is here for you to honour the original owners of this land and its stories, wisdom, love, ancestors, courage and beauty. Buying from this collection is a piece offering to this land and those who came before us, specially for those who want to acknowledge and are looking for this relationship with the culture of this country. 

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